For the cost of the Tomahawk Cruise Missile program, we can hire 4,784 elementary school teachers for one year. Use this tool to find out where your tax dollars are going and how they might be better spent. Read more>


For the cost of the Tomahawk Cruise Missile program, we can hire 4,784 elementary school teachers for one year. Use this tool to find out where your tax dollars are going and how they might be better spent. Read more>

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Study Finds that the United States is an Oligarchy, not a Democracy 



While this may be a big “duh” to a lot of U.S. citizens, a recent study which has been made open for public viewing concludes that the United States’ system of government is closer to that of a (corporate) oligarchy than it is a democracy. That is to say that power is vested within a small group of people, as opposed to the majority.

Historically speaking, oligarchies generally devolve into tyrannical states due to the concentration of power (usually based on class) with a smaller group of people who generally do not agree with the interests or preferences of the majority; these types of frictions lead to oppression by making some people more “equal” than others, as demonstrated in George Orwell’s Animal Farm, essentially giving people certain rights, but allowing those rights more freely to certain groups.

I remember in the 6th grade when we were learning about different types of governments and we got to oligarchy I said to the teacher “Oh so that’s what America is right?” and he looked at me like i was crazy and said “No Elijah, America is a democracy because the citizens also have power” and I said “what power?” and he said “We can vote” and I was kind of quite for a little bit because i thought he was gonna say something else and I was like “Is that it?” and he just went on to the next lesson

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Ziad Nakad Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2014

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I finally got around to updating ‘Don’t Let Go’! I tried to push myself as much as possible. Still a little rough as I’ll be entering the finished version in something later this year. Fingers crossed!


ManhattanNew York, NYby Joe Larson
Joe Larson Copr. 2013. All Rights Reserved.


New York, NY
by Joe Larson

Joe Larson Copr. 2013. All Rights Reserved.

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Tiny House Living, Off the Grid? Here's How to Do it in Style 


My cabin cost under $2,000 to build and about $5,000 for the off-grid system and I believe a smaller off-grid home under 400 square feet that is very efficient and also nice and comfortable to live in can be built for under $20,000, and much less if people are using recycled materials and doing the work themselves. Land, water and a power system are not included in that figure because they vary greatly depending on your needs, the area, and where you want to live.

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what if “lucy” was about lucy liu casually beating up pervy white dudes instead

and the story was about an asian woman who gets justice from the white men who used and abducted her

and it was an effective commentary on white imperialism, the violent commodification of asian people and asian culture by western society, the demonization of asian people, and the continuing history of violence on unwilling asian bodies especially those of asian women by white people

and what if when a pervy white dude asks the asian woman “do you speak english” while he’s in fucking taiwan, she shoots him in the head instead

what if this movie wasn’t going to be a bunch of white imperialist nonsense masquerading as something “progressive” at the expense of faceless nameless asian bodies

ha ha


That Lucy movie just makes me so damn mad.

Because like, if it was set in America and the villains were white dudes, then it would be BADASS.

But the overwhelming aura of pure distilled racism that the trailer has in order to create this desired badassness is just stomach rolling. 

Why couldn’t it be THIS? 

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this is my legacy in cards against humanity


this is my legacy in cards against humanity

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Our national political debate is so constrained that accelerated growth is presumed to be the necessary precondition for broad prosperity. We’re told the only way to help the 1 in 6 Americans living in poverty is to keep enlarging the pie until everyone has a big enough slice. But is this worth it if we lose Miami in the process? A rising tide used to lift all boats, but now it just drowns our cities. A genuine alternative instead of attempting to press beyond the limits we face would distribute the fruits of our technological and economic prowess away from those at the top and toward the vast majority.

 - Opinion: Growth for growth’s sake will kill us all: Moral and ecological truths are challenging economic doctrines (via aljazeeraamerica)

free hand fish (by a fool’s eye)


free hand fish (by a fool’s eye)

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I made a thing about stretching! Some of the images are hard to see, but if you click on them they should produce a larger image!



Image sources that aren’t mine (the three routines):



Thanks for this.

I need to be better about this lest I lose all flexibility and become a 2x4.

Some of these are for your lower back omg

let’s see how pathetic I am at these right now

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NSA Said to Have Used Heartbleed Bug, Exposing Consumers 


Yeahhhhhhh so this happened.

is anyone really surprised?

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so let me get this straight. anti-choicers took $500,000 dollars worth of pennies and sealed them in a glass case as a “memorial” to “victims” of abortion. i’m going to say that again. these people have locked away $500,000 dollars as a “tribute” to dead blobs of cells instead of donating that money to actual living breathing children who don’t have basic necessities or homes.

anti-choicers are incredible